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Description : All Custom Creatives/Prelanders must be preapproved.
Send all Creatives/Prelanders to [email protected]
(Include: Offer ID you are trying to get approved, and your Affiliate ID or Login Email Address.)

  • Claims in advertisements must be truthful and must not be deceptive or misleading
  • Material terms (e.g., paid participation required) must be disclosed clearly and conspicuously.
  • Four P's:
    • Prominence - Can consumers see it? Font, contrast and size matter.
    • Presentation - Can consumers understand it?
    • Placement - Is it where consumers are likely to look? Disclosure below a call to action (such as "click here") may not be seen.
    • Prominence - Can consumers see it? Font, contrast and size matter.
  • The overall net impression of the ad must be effective in communicating the terms of the offer.

  • Use the word "Free"
  • State or imply that the consumers have won something. For example, for Rewards offers, do not state or imply there's an element of chance to get a reward.
  • State or imply that all consumers must do is simply verify information or claim something without many steps.
  • State or imply that an item has been or is ready to be shipped, or that it will be received in datas.
  • Reference or imply any government program or payment
  • Reference or imply anything related to COVID-19
  • State or imply an artificial sense of urgency, scarcity or selectivity, unless it is the case.
  • Do not use confusing ad copy unrelated to the offer being advertised.
  • Be truthful in all advertisements.
  • Use plain language and syntax so that consumers understand the disclosures and ensure that disclosures are similar same size and font as other text.
  • Design advertisements so that scrolling is not necessary in order to find a disclosure. If scrolling is necessary, use text or visual cues, such as an asterisk, to encourage consumers to scroll to the disclosure.
  • Be mindful of the display size and technological limitations of the device where the ad will be accessed when making disclosures.
  • Network :   LJads
  • Country :   United States
  • Payout Type :   cpa_flat
  • Expiry Date :  Apr 19, 2040
  • Category :  Freebies , Surveys, LeadGen

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