Issues in login

If you face any kind of login issues in your account go ahead and send all the relevant information of your account such as email and name of your account. Submit the request for your account at: Affpub.

  Change in your email address

Go the member account’s area and change your email address anytime anywhere you want.

  Issues in webinar

Many a times we face many technical or server issues, this is because of technical issues not by your end but from the server’s end, kindly wait for 42 hours before reporting any kind of webinar issue.

  Network registration or sign up

Affpub is the platform for publishers and advertisers, who can meet here and explore the possibilities. All the important details related to the registration should be there of both publishers and advertisers.

  Want to cancel your account?

Submit your request at: Affpub.

  Facing Affpub website issue

If you experience any kind of issues in your network, immediately submit a report at: Affpub.

  Issues on proxy server

If the proxy server issues is recurring again for you, please submit to us at Affpub. There are sometimes when problem occurs and service may not respond as we use the third party service for the server which may create problem for you sometimes. However, this is the rare case.

  Affiliate Inquires

All the queries related to the affiliate marketing and be looked upon on the network section where you can connect with them and have a word about all the details you need and how to join their network and how to display yours.

  Promotion offers

Affpub will show you all the current promotional offers running on all the networks so that you can get the best what you want.

  Refund Issues

Submit your request at Affpub. On the other hand if you have purchased then the third party is responsible contact them and drop us a mail too.