Number of Offers : 23
Commission Type : CPA, CPS, CPL
Minimum Payout : 50
Payment Frequency : Net-7, Net-15, Net-30, Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly
Payment Method : Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, ACH, Cheque, Direct Deposit
Referral Commission : 5%
Tracking Software : In-House
Social Pages :      
Contact Number :888-400-4359


PeerFly is a full-service sales and marketing agency. Branding, customer acquisition, commission-based sales, incentivized marketing, and more! Recently voted the #1 CPA network by Performance Marketing Insider for the second time in a row, PeerFly is one of the fastest growing performance marketing networks in the industry. Boasting over 60,000 publisher accounts, 2,000+ advertisers, and 5,000+ total products with some of the highest guaranteed payouts anywhere; it is not hard to see how PeerFly differs from the competition. PeerFly utilizes a completely custom tracking platform with features you would not find in other cookie-cutter networks. We are also the only major CPA network that can pay their publishers daily upon request.

Affiliate Managers

Name Details
 Lauren Hostert   [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 8005
 Nate Thomas   [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 8006
 Luke Kling   [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 1285
 Travis Glenn   [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 1286
 Charlie Gartman   [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 1061
 Corey Englaender   [email protected]
  [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 1321
 Corinna French   [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 1281
 Chad French   [email protected]
  888-400-4359 ext. 1194

3 Reviews


PeerFly is just a trustworthy CPA network. They have great offers and they always pay on time. Highly recommended!


I have been with PEERFLY since 2012
Have ran many offers with them.
Never had any issues ever.
Nice offers
Nice Support
Very Important the payments are on time.
Never missed a payment on this 5 years of network marketing.
Have been to various other networks.
PEERFLY is the best.
Get in touch to share knowledge on running offers on network marketing


My experience with is really awesome. I love their staff, they are all very nice! They are very friendly and everyone is willing to help you out. Plus, they have a large variety of offers and I received all my paypal payments on time. Compared to other CPA networks, it was very easy to get accepted by them, even if you’re a newbie.