Number of Offers : 1661
Commission Type : CPA, CPS, CPL
Minimum Payout : 10
Payment Frequency : Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly
Payment Method : Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
Referral Commission : 1%
Tracking Software : Cake Marketing
Social Pages :      
Contact Number :+3120-3705223


Advidi is an affiliate marketing network that unifies the smartest players in theaffiliate marketing industry, especially those in Dating, Health&Beauty andMainstream. We help affiliates and advertisers to successfully trade media atscale with unparalleled levels of support, control and transparency. We focusdetecting the most profitable offers and verticals, and partnering them with themost profitable campaigns for our clients. To ensure this, we developed originalrevenue generating programs, together with wide range of exclusive tools,verticals, and metrics. This is the only way to be rest assured that our clientsare receiving targeted and optimized solutions with the highest quality.

There are 3 major verticals in which we operate in. In each we provide our clientswith the best tools for optimization, and the highest converting offers.

DATING: Advidi is the biggest name in this vertical in the industry. Through theyears we collected the most substantial knowledge and experience working with thebiggest advertisers worldwide and the best converting flows. We share oursolutions with advertisers to maximize profitability, and our knowledge with theaffiliates to reach their goals. We work with different flows, such as: Leadgen,Credit Card submits and Mobile Content, in a wide range of landing pages withinthe casual dating scope. All our partnerships are exclusive.

HEALTH & BEAUTY: In the last year we have been working together with the biggestHealth & Beauty advertisers and affiliates, and getting outstanding results. TheHealth & Beauty vertical covers a wide range of products such as: Diet, Skin,Muscle and many others. We are confident we can provide advertisers with trafficthat has optimal demographic segmentation and area of interests, while providingaffiliates with the best Health & Beauty offers on the market now.

MAINSTREAM: We provide the best converting offers in Mobile Content, Leadgen, andCredit Card submits. In different sub verticals, we work with the biggestadvertisers and specialize in: Sweepstakes, Utilities, Surveys, Freebies and manymore. Advidi Mainstream guarantees the best flows in Web & WAP (1 click, Pin, IVR,SOI etc), and plenty of targeting solutions for optimization.

An Affiliate Network.
Born in Amsterdam. Raised globally.

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  • User


    August 24, 2017

    We have been working closely with Advidi, they run a tight ship with the best offers, payouts, and payments terms. Their technology to optimise banners and lenders is outstanding, great company to work with and they do add value to our traffic.

  • User


    November 25, 2016

    Started pushing some of their dating offers, my business is mainly diet and skin. So they added quite some offers for me in that niche and can say these guys are handson, see they are growing in diet and skin. Great team to work with for sure.

  • User


    June 23, 2016

    A truly professional team. They have hundreds of offers and most importantly my AM is very friendly and helped me a lot to earn. It is always a pleasure to work with Advidi, and i’m planning to send more traffic to their offers.

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