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iPhone X Giveaway US SOI


Description : div Geo United States div div br div div Carrier ALL div div br div div OS All div div br div div Flow SOI div div Conversion Point div div InitialEvent SOI div div nbsp Affiliate Caps for All Events Caps Unlimited nbsp div div Allowed Countries div div Include div div United States Include ALL div div Allowed Traffic div div Banner Display Classified Ads Co Registration Contextual Email In app Mobile Popup Popunder PPC PPV CPV Push Search PPC SEO Social Ads Social Media div div Restrictions div div No Iframe div div No adult div div No incent div div br div div We will not pay for the fraud traffic div div Category div div Sweepstakes div
  • Network :   Adboosters
  • Country :   US
  • Payout Type :   cpa_flat
  • Expiry Date :  Sep 28, 2018
  • Last Update Date :  May 01, 2018
  • Category :  Mobile Subscription
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