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CN IOS Non incent CPI API


Description : table tr th Traffic Allowed th th Yes No th tr tr td Incent td td No td tr tr td In App td td Yes td tr tr td Mobile Web td td Yes td tr tr td Search td td No td tr tr td Push td td No td tr tr td Social
  • Network :   ADAttract
  • Country :   CN
  • Payout Type :   cpa_flat
  • Expiry Date :  Apr 27, 2019
  • Last Update Date :  May 01, 2018
  • Category :  non-incent

ADAttract is a CPA Affiliate Network that provides performance based online marketing for advertisers and publishers. Our team consists of several years of online marketing experience working with Advertisers, Publishers, and other affiliate networks. ADAttract was created under the vision to provide advertisers and other publishers a top tier experience and unparalleled affiliate support.
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