Number of Offers : N/A
Commission Type : CPA, CPC, CPM, Revshare
Minimum Payout : 300
Payment Frequency : Net-15
Payment Method : Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Web Money
Referral Commission : 0%
Tracking Software : Everflow
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Contact Number :+380688656586
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Affie is a leading matchmaker between advertisers and affiliate publishers in today’s market. Affie helps businesses and professionals form profitable, mutually beneficial, and long-lasting partnerships. The tools? A team of highly skilled account managers available around the clock, and a personalized approach to every member. Affie analyzes every business in detail before it forms a company profile. Businesses are then introduced to highly personalized, cost-effective cost-per-action campaigns, cpl offers, and other lead generation models. Targeted advertisements result in high-converting offers, and help businesses increase sales. Publishers, on the other hand, get to work with one of the most reliable examples of a profitable affiliate network. Every online marketing strategy Affie offers is member-specific and highly customized. For best traffic monetization, members of Affie’s performance marketing network get to choose from personalized cost-per-action campaigns, CPL offers, and CPA offers. Operating with a number of trusted publishers and promotion channels worldwide, Affie strengthens its service with a key ingredient - pristine cybersecurity. With DOI offers (double opt-in) instead of SOI offers (single opt-in) on the table, Affie prioritizes convenience and ease of communication, without damaging security measures. Join Affie for best traffic monetization and a proven publisher base.

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